The Madoff Fraud:Scam of the Century
Will Madoff Fraud Signal the End of Hedge Funds


In disturbed conditions hedge funds add to market volatility and the ‘herd’...

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Behind the mask Hannah Smith ls Michael Fallon, a member of the Treasury Select Committee, asked five influential players in the hedge fund world: “In disturbed conditions hedge funds add to READ MORE

Battered Hedge Funds Brace for More Pain

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Battered Hedge Funds Brace for More Pain Financial Crisis, Madoff Scandal and Self-Inflicted Wounds Bring Worst Ever Showing By Stevenson Jacobs Associated Press Sunday, January 18, 2009; NEW READ MORE

Smart Money Takes a Dive on Alternative Assets

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Smart Money Takes a Dive on Alternative Assets By JASON ZWEIG The ideal investment portfolio is solid and liquid at the same time. Perhaps because this principle defies the common sense of physi READ MORE

It's the end of Bernard Madoff's legacy - but is it the end of hedge funds as we...

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ALEX BRUMMER: Is Bernard Madoff's £33billion fraud the death knell for the hedge fund? The £33billion fraud by Bernard Madoff could spell the end for the most controversial investment vehicles of r READ MORE

Madoff Fraud to Impact Hedge Fund Business

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Madoff's kiss of death for hedge funds The $50bn Ponzi scheme allegedly run by Bernard Madoff on the 17th floor of New York's Lipstick Building is a disaster for the hedge fund sector. Mathieu Robbin READ MORE
Madoff scandal has created anxiety among investors unwilling to have assets vaguely defined and access to redemptions. Fear is dominating investors more than greed
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