The Madoff Fraud:Scam of the Century
Victims might chase Fund of Funds


Law May Protect Feeder Funds

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Law May Protect Feeder Funds The securities laws may be your worst enemy if you lost money in the Madoff scam. Investors are suing the feeder funds that channeled their money to Bernard Madoff, cha READ MORE

Hedge Funds Could Be A Source of Recovery for Victims of Madoff’s Swindle

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Hedge Funds Could Be A Source of Recovery for Victims of Madoff’s Swindle Fund-of-Funds Earned 20 Percent Commission on Madoff’s Bogus Investments By Ivy Schmerken December 18, 2008 An attorney READ MORE

Bernard Madoff victims will go after deep pockets

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What were funds of funds doing backing Bernard Madoff’s alleged $50bn Ponzi scheme? Didn’t they do due diligence? Didn’t they spot the red flags that might have suggested that something was fishy? T READ MORE

Wealthy investors were paying funds-of-funds for what they thought was access to...

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Madoff mess exposes fund ripoffs too By Katie Benner, writer LAST UPDATED: DECEMBER 16, 2008: 4:45 PM ET NEW YORK (Fortune) -- Not quite rich enough and not quite smart enough, a certain in READ MORE
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