The Madoff Fraud:Scam of the Century
Notorious Frauds and Tips on Avoiding them


Ponzi-Mania: How To Spot The Lying Scum

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Ponzi-Mania: How To Spot The Lying Scum Thomas C. Scott, 03.06.09, 12:00 PM EST Losing money with a conman is both infuriating and totally avoidable. In my 25 years as a financial adviser I've READ MORE

The 12 Steps To Ponzi Scheme Recovery

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By Rachel Feintzeig Have you lost thousands at the hands of a Ponzi scheme? Did you cozy up to Bernie Madoff, Tom Petters or Nicholas Cosmo, only to get burned in the end? Are your mother and thera READ MORE

Stamford man creates anti-Ponzi scheme software

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Stamford man creates anti-Ponzi scheme software By Michael C. Juliano STAFF WRITER Posted: 02/11/2009 09:58:41 PM EST A Stamford estate planner and non-lawyer has come up with a software module READ MORE

Ponzi Scheme arrest in Buffalo of 82 year old

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Ponzi Suspect Is 82 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: January 8, 2009 BUFFALO (AP) — An 82-year-old businessman was charged on Thursday with running a Ponzi scheme that took in at least $17 READ MORE

Bubble and Ponzi Schemes used in Investment Fraud Scams

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Its Namesake, Carl Ponzi Named after Carl Ponzi, who collected $9.8 million from 10,550 people ( including ¾ of the Boston Police Force ) and then paid out $7.8 million in just 8 months in 1920 Bosto READ MORE

Wikipedia : Ponzi Schemes

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A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to investors out of the money paid by subsequent investors rather than from profit. The term, "Ponzi scheme," is used primarily in READ MORE

Madoff Exposes Double Standard for Ponzi Schemes

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Madoff Exposes Double Standard for Ponzi Schemes: Jonathan Weil Commentary by Jonathan Weil Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bernard Madoff’s amazing Ponzi scheme has put him in a league of his own, fo READ MORE

Zuluaga Offered to Quit Over Pyramid Crisis, Portafolio Says

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Zuluaga Offered to Quit Over Pyramid Crisis, Portafolio Says By Helen Murphy Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Colombia Finance Minister Oscar Ivan Zuluaga offered to resign his post more than a week ag READ MORE

Madoff Is Deja Vu All Over Again in Albania: Celestine Bohlen

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Dec. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Post-Communist capitalism was a rough business in places like Russia and Albania in the early 1990s, a Wild East where fraudsters and scam artists danced circles around the poor READ MORE

SEC Halts $23 Million Ponzi Scheme Targeting Haitians

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SEC Halts $23 Million Ponzi Scheme Targeting Haitians (Update2) By David Scheer Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, under congressional scrutiny for failing to READ MORE

Ponzi Schemes --How do they End

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By CATHERINE RAMPELL Published: December 20, 2008 So, what’s the exit strategy? 'Ponzi's Scheme,' by Mitchell Zuckoff: His Last Name Is Scheme (April 10, 2005) Mathematically speaking, Ponzi READ MORE

What are Ponzi Schemes

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In a Ponzi scheme, potential investors are wooed with promises of unusually large returns, usually attributed to the investment manager’s savvy, skill or some other secret sauce. The returns are re READ MORE
Charles Ponzi created the scheme named after him but he is not the only scammer around.This section probes other scams and how to avoid them
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