The Madoff Fraud:Scam of the Century
Individuals- Madoff Fraud Victims


Alexandra Penney - Former Editor - Madoff Victim2
Alicia Koplowitz - Madoff Fraud Victim1
Allan Goldstein Madoff fraud victim1
Alleged Ponzi scheme: 5 Utahns hit by Madoff fraud1
Anthony and Maria Sciremammano - Madoff victims1
Arnold Sinkin, 77, who lost 85% of his life saving1
Arthur Rock Venture capitalist Madoff victim
Author John Robbins Madoff victim1
Avram and Carol Goldberg: Madoff Victims
Bernette Rudolph 80 year old artist1
Beth Greenfield -71 year old retiree- Madoff vic1
Bruce Graybow and Minnesotans lose in fraud1
Burt Ross NJ Real Estate Developer2
Carl Shapiro Philanthropist - Madoff victim3
Charles Brodsky Fla Investor1
David Arenson Cancer Victim1
Domenico De Sole former CEO of Gucci group1
Ed Calesa, Del Mar,California madoff fraud victim
Edith and Thomas V. Liccardi - Aged Madoff Victims1
Eric Noth --Forrest Gump Writer--Madoff Victim1
Former Merrill execs invested in Madoff funds2
Frank Lautenberg NJ Senator Madoff victim1
Franklin Sands, Florida legislator
Fred Wilpon loses millions in Madoff Fraud5
Frederick Adler tech co financier Madoff victim
Gerald Breslauer-Madoff Victim
Ira Roth's family- Madoff Victim
Jeffrey Katzenberg - Huge Losses in Madoff Fraud1
Kevin Bacon -victim of Madoff Fraud3
Larry King CNN personality Loses big to Madoff1
Lawrence Velvel-dean of law school-Madoff Victim
Liliane Bettencourt entrusted funds to Madoff2
Lord Jacobs of Belgravia- Victim of Madoff fraud1
Madoff scandal touches at least two S.D. trusts
Marc Rich - Madoff Victim2
Michael Steinhardt -Madoff Fraud Victim2
Millionaire widow Maureen Abel --now broke1
Morris county NJ hit hard by madoff fraud
Nancy Silverton -Madoff victim1
New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg-Victim1
NJ State Sen. Loretta Weinberg
Noel Levine Maodd victim1
Norman Braman fmr owner of Philadelphia Eagles1
Ohio victims of Madoff fraud living in Ohio
Phillip Robinson Grey Rocks Hotel Madoff Victim
Prince Charles was courted by Madoff not a victim
Queen Beatrix Netherlands madoff investor1
Real Estate Developer Guy Alciatore, 66.1
Richard B. Shapiro
Richard Spring -Securities Analyst-Madoff victim
Robert Chew - Madoff Victim1
Roger Marino -- the "M" in EMC Corp Victim
Ronald Lappin restores savings of employees
Ronnie Sue and Dominic Ambrosino,1
Sandy Koufax among madoff victims via Fred Wilpon1
Seymour Scharer1
Stephen Abbott- SF Attorney- Madoff Victim
Stephen Greenspan--Psychatrist
Steven Simkin and now ex wife wife Laura Blank-
Tang Jun msft CEO in china Madoff victim
Ted Doan former CEO of Dow Chemical
Tom Tugand - Madoff Victim1
Tony Steffanelli , Fla investor, Madoff Victim1
Vivian Levin Madoff victim
Washington DC claims victims of Madoff fraud1
William Foxton British Soldier2
Zsa Zsa Gabor Loses millions in Madoff fraud

Massachesetts regulator finds new Madoff victims

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Massachesetts regulator finds new Madoff victims Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:06pm EDT By Svea Herbst-Bayliss BOSTON (Reuters) - Massachusetts' top securities regulator said on Wednesday he has identifie READ MORE

Fairfield County 'ground zero' for Madoff scandal, victim list shows

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Fairfield County 'ground zero' for Madoff scandal, victim list shows Ponzi scheme's victim list shows Fairfield County to be at the epicenter of $50 billion in financial losses Staff and wire report READ MORE
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