Historic Indiana Ponzi Scheme Immortalized in Crime Pays! Trial Attorney Writes Satire Based on 1960s Investment Scam in Kokomo, Ind.
Indianapolis (March 23, 2009) – Indiana trial attorney and Ponzi scheme expert Mark Small announces the release of his new book, Crime Pays! Based on true events, this satire vividly illustrates the ill effects of a 1960s-era Ponzi scheme that bilked hundreds of hard-working, Kokomo, Ind. investors out of more than $22 million. Small’s tale provides unique and relevant insight into today’s torrid investment scandals, including the highly publicized Bernie Madoff case.

The novel satirically recounts a far-reaching investment scam that stunned the small Indiana town and the nation more than 50 years ago. Crime Pays! is told through the eyes of a young boy unwittingly immersed in activities of sheer greed when two brothers develop a Ponzi scheme to prey upon the economic insecurities of residents of a small, blue-collar town—ultimately defrauding them of their life savings. Small spins his "buyer beware" tale from vivid childhood memories of being innocently and fatedly witness to the schemes, lies and debauchery that took part within the secret circle of victimizers.

"The corporate fraud and legal indiscretions prevalent today are sadly and eerily similar to the fictional events of Crime Pays!, a satire I’ve been researching and writing for several years," said Small. "Unlike hush-hush events of the past, today’s most notorious financial scams and scandals are on center stage for the world to judge. Just look at the Bernie Madoff case, AIG and the recent bad mortgage bail outs. My book examines similar financial crimes perpetrated in the 1960s, where the dirty hands of two criminals were simply slapped by the law as they made off with $22 million dollars—equivalent to about $160 million today."

To supplement the release of Crime Pays!, Small is hosting book launch and signing events where he will be discussing the historic Indiana scandal and the impact of Ponzi schemes on today’s society. Events include:

Front Page Sports Bar & Grill in Indianapolis on April 2 at 5:30 p.m. Visit www.frontpagesportsbar.com

Big Hat Books in Broad Ripple on April 4 at 3 p.m. Visit www.bighatbooks.com

About Crime Pays!

Author Mark Small is, in fact, the small-town boy who narrates Crime Pays! His vivid memories of observing the criminals parodied in this story have evolved into a colorful and provocative novel. Small is a successful attorney and avid writer, as well as a part-time actor and stand up comedian. For more information and to read excerpts from Crime Pays! visit http://www.maxthecatpublishing.com. Crime Pays! is available on Amazon.com.


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