The Madoff Fraud:Scam of the Century
How Madoff Conned his Palm Beach Socialites


Lessons Learned From the Bernie Madoff Fraud

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Lessons Learned From the Bernie Madoff Fraud FEBRUARY 07, 2009 – As we learn more about the Bernie Madoff criminal enterprise, two important aspects of his business stand out: 1. He used sleaz READ MORE

Is there a bit of Bernie in all of us?

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Is there a bit of Bernie in all of us? By Jacob Berkman · December 30, 2008 Eugene Robinson writes in the Washington Post that, while 2008 was the year of Barack Obama, it was also the year of READ MORE

How and Why Madoff Was Able to Trick so Many "Smart" People

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As a psychiatrist and medical doctor it would be improper to diagnose Bernard Madoff without interviewing him directly and having him take various psychological tests. However, what is not off li READ MORE

The Man Who Conned the World

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The man who conned the world Banks, billionaires, charities and film stars are among the victims of the '$50bn fraudster', whose exposure deals a fresh blow to financial confidence, according to on READ MORE

Feted by the rich, Madoff was a schemer supreme

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Feted by the rich, Madoff was a schemer supreme In the Florida resort Bernard Madoff called home, neighbours trusted him with their nest eggs. Stephen Foley investigates Tuesday, 16 December 200 READ MORE
Madoff conned the Palm Beach Socialites and so many others how did he con them all and for so long
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